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In order to create proper conditions for passing on knowledge, for teaching, for treatment and for healing, it is important for the environment to be perfectly biodynamic.

The location takes the patient away from his usual environment.

The patient must feel comfortable and as well as possible for the treatment to run smoothly.

The place must foster Stillness (cf. "keywords") between nature, practitioners and patients but also every person participating in the seminary.

It needs to offer different spaces in order for the patient and the practitioner to be able to pick the most fitting one for the work intended.

According to the number of participants and the type of work, we propose two locations, two healing spots !


Situated 4,000 feet above sea level, this fully restored old stone house nestles like an eagle's nest on a rocky mountain outcrop. The place is simple and precious for what it connects us to: our profound nature. It's right at the end of the road, at the top of the mountain, very close to our higher consciousness. The seasons are contrasted, myriad pathways are there to lull you with colours and fragrances; wild animals are present yet discreet.


AGUILA features a 200m2 work room with a parquet floor to facilitate physical activities.


A large bay window affords a contemplative view of the mountain landscape in the Haut Diois region.

The surroundings offer a perfect setting where you can renew yourself, practice yoga, meditation, or do any type of cleansing, transmission or consciousness-opening work.  


Everything is there to allow you to work on health in total peace, in harmony with the rhythms of nature. We take care to preserve intimacy in this special place in order to deal with highly sensitive, even unexpressed issues.


AGUILA has several spacious and well-arranged bedrooms.


For small budgets, it is possible to sleep in the charming dojo, which has an independent toilet and bathroom. On the ground floor, there is a large sauna with showers. The water comes from the local spring.


At AGUILA, we can welcome groups of 18 people maximum for:

- courses and training (18 people max.)

- therapeutic treatments (6 people max.)


For courses with more than 18 participants, we work in partnership with La Salamandre (cf. site), a farm located 4km back down the same road.


AGUILA can also be rented on demand depending on availability. Please contact us for more information.  


Part of a small hamlet formed quasi-exclusively of self-built wood houses (populated by as many children as grown-ups), la Salamandre is a large and beautiful farmhouse inn. Besides the comfortable bedrooms and the large dining room, it’s got a 80m2 work space, a big tepee outside surrounded by the farm’s cultivated land.

Florence Lejeune and Luc Bauer follow the precepts of holistic farming. They cultivate fruits, vegetables and cereals, and raise with love five children, sheeps, chickens and pigs. They cook delicious organic food and ancestral drinks.

They do take really good care of their hosts.

=> For training, workshops and seminaries of more than 18 people.

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