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The term was used by Steiner to conceptualize the interactions of man and nature.

In biodynamic osteopathy, the practitioner does nothing more than listen to the forces of health (biodynamic) through his touch. Based on the principle that health forces are optimal when you are in an unpolluted and natural place, the practitioner, by his contact and state of being, must embody the environment as close as possible to that which health and healing need to manifest itself to its full potential. He's trying to be almost God in a way! Biodynamic health forces have an intelligence that requires only this attentive listening to emerge. In this practice, the environment is everything and it is the practitioner who becomes everything. Once solicited, this intelligence will continue its work long after the session. It's like allowing the inner doctor who's a little sleepy to wake up! It is the medicine of the interaction of the forces of the patient and nature.



In the biodynamic concept, health is the sum of the forces that allow the maintenance of the original state. In osteopathy, it has been conceptualized as Primary Respiratory Movement (PRM) because these rhythms (constant and slow) predate chest breathing.

As this concept is hotly debated, I will most of the time talk about biodynamic forces or their tissue manifestation in the hands. Erich Bleischmidt's embryological point of view makes it possible to understand the origin and birth of these biodynamic forces that could be assimilated to health in motion. His work shows the influence of the environment.

In the biodynamic vision, these forces and health are one and the same thing at the very origin of the development of life, form and growth. Thereafter, these forces are used to maintain the original and heal, if necessary. They have a precise electromagnetic field with a constant tone, texture and rhythm. Under the fingers, health gives an impression of harmony with a continuous rhythm and coherence in the tissues, even neurological ones.

This signature is recognized by an expert hand and the practitioner's dual attention is partly listening to it. This health, conceptualized in osteopathy by the term Primary Breathing (PR), can be limited by the body's electromagnetic fields of suffering.

However, even if they are almost silent, they are still present and the practitioner's particular attention will have the power to allow them to infuse themselves with "potency" and emerge until the tissues transmute and go until healing.



A state of deep tranquility necessary for biodynamic forces to infuse themselves with power and transmute tissues. Absolute calm synchronized in the patient, the practitioner, the place of care and the surrounding nature. It is a "place" where health can come into contact with the forces of nature to increase their power.



A support point that health will use as a lever to act and develop.

There are several types of fullcrums.... (see courses).


Body of suffering (CS)

Electromagnetic result of a distortion, an injury, a suffering. In your hands, this field seems to repel your presence, especially if you are not yourself in the Neutral. You will have an impression of hardness, density. No slow and constant rhythm but congestion or fast and irregular rhythms. There is no harmony in the fabrics. This CS can be local or found throughout the patient's body. It may be related to highly targeted mechanical suffering or in relation to unresolved issues. In this case it can be located according to a symbolism linked to this unfinished or found throughout the body and nervous system in great stresses (archaic fears). If this SC prevents health from expressing itself, then cleaning, clearing, elimination rituals should be used so that the biodynamic forces can work during the same or a future session.



A state in which the forces of the ego do not prevent health from working. State free of superficial stress. State of relaxation, parasympathicotonia. In shamanism we would speak of a state cleaned or free from the forces of vigilance. State in which the forces of gravity can balance the electromagnetic forces of suffering and/or mind. There are several Neutral depths. Depending on the level of healing desired, such Neutral depth may or may not be expected. Without this state of Neutral, health cannot transmit into the tissues. Biodynamic forces cannot increase their inherent potential. Neutral is required for the patient AND for the practitioner.



A term used to describe the transformation of one substance into another. In atomic physics, he describes the transformation from one atomic element to another by modifying the atomic nucleus. The great era of alchemy corresponds to the period of the development of osteopathy by our masters (Still and Sutherland in particular) and the terms transmutation and transubstantiation were and still remain used not to describe the transformation of lead into gold but to describe the perception of the change that occurs in the hands of the practitioner. For example: from dense to fluid or from fibrous to gelled etc...


Inhérent potentiel

The inherent potential or Potency is the use by biodynamic forces of all their power potential when they have been reconnected to the source of power inherent to the forces of nature and the universe via the biodynamic practitioner.


Duplicate attention

Meditative state of the practitioner adapted to biodynamics. When in synchronized contact with the patient, his attention is both to the biodynamic health forces and at the same time to something much larger than that which is called dynamic immobility and which will be developed in courses and seminars. It is this contact and attention that together will allow health to "mature". The practitioner can at any time change his cursor of the percentage of doubled attention according to what he discriminates under his fingers. Only the clinic matters.


Not resolved

This is not expressed at the level of consciousness but also at the level of the unconscious.

May be related to:

- an environmental context of the present or past

- emotional shocks experienced without being able to be expressed at the time of the events

- family unspoken or other family ghosts

- a sensitivity of the collective unconscious

- many more unspoken ones!

Everything that is not expressed emotionally, lives in us in a vibratory form. Epigenetism, hormones and many other psycho-corporal mechanisms will do the rest to transmute it into symptoms, diseases, behavioral problems and other neuroses.

We all live with the potentially incarnate unsolved.


Cleaning and release

Terms widely used in shamanic culture. Cleanings and clearances make it possible to eliminate any harmful form of vibration in order to free the patient either permanently or for a period of time during which the health forces can have the space and time to express themselves. These clearances and cleanings mainly concern the unresolved and the emotionally unspoken. Different techniques can be used within the session itself. The choice of technique is always linked to the clinic, the patient's profile and the tissue perceptions of the moment. Possible post-session rituals make it possible to further prolong this evacuation of the unresolved/suffering body. They allow the patient to be deconditioned from the usual space-time to activate the place where the problem occurred. To be able to finally experience this buried emotion is the key to release.

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