Pascal Anselin

Biodynamic osteopathy

The work of Pascal Anselin creates a link between psychosomatic medicine, medicine from around the world, the universe of performance and biodynamic osteopathy. He uses the biodynamic tool to access widened states of consciousness as well as physical forces linked to the laws of nature, in order to stimulate deep healing. This tool allows one to feel the exact spot where the patient is in their process, directly under their fingers. It is the fruit of observation and experience from more than 50,000 clinical cases.

Health and healing cannot be deep unless we take the mind-body-environment entity into account.

Deep healing also takes place through emotional, physical and sometimes spiritual healing.

The partners





Training and Research Institute for Health professionals & Center for Health and Psycho-Physical Therapy, IFPPC develops a specific and innovating approach with a center for therapy and integrative health coaching in Paris (CAMKeys: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Keys) where patients can be cared for individually or collectively.





The SNOS is a professional body for osteopaths specialised in supporting and accompanying athletes. Its goal is to promote the development of osteopathy in sports and other artistic or leisure activities.




Over the years, SOFA has become a common home, a meeting place for European and American osteopaths coming from various work groups and Academic societies: OCA, AMOC, SCTF Be, SCAB, AOF, GREIO, GERMOB, Per'Tom... These past few years, they started to work more and more closely with the Académie Médicale d'Ostéopathie Crânienne (AMOC), which represents in Europe the American “Osteopathic Cranial Academy” and organize in France its introduction class on cranial osteopathy, and with the SCTF Belgium which represents in Europe the foundation created in 1953 in the US by Dr WG Sutherland DO





La Salamandre is a farmhouse inn with a very fine organic restaurant and a large space for workshops, surrounded by small mountains, fields and woods. The hosts, Florence Lejeune and Luc Bauer, passionate and generous, practice holistic farming. It's a frequent location for various workshops and the perfect spot to work, meditate and meet people.


Carolina Suarez Caceres

Originally from Colombia, she has always been passionate about consciousness and healing. Following an accident, she intuitively explores a healing path which combines deep relaxation, altered states of consciousness and emotional mapping. During her travels, she experienced the shipibo shamanism in Peru and trained in Reiki in Thailand with Shakti Cabral, in ThetaHealing®️ in Indonesia with Erika Johansson and in techniques of exploration-integration of the unconscious in France with Pascal Tellier, himself trained in this approach by Denise Desjardins. Inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky's research on psycho-magic and psychogenealogy, she is developing an experimental work with Pascal Anselin associating her practices with the biodynamic vision of health and healing.

Gaelle Mésenge

Born in Africa, Gaelle began her life at the rhythm of expatriation: relocations, separations, multicultural encounters, multiple social backgrounds, explorations. Very quickly passionate about the differences in perception of reality experienced by everyone, interpersonal relationships, and self-realization, she explored Boris Cyrulnik and resilience, Alice Miller and the messages of the body, Alejandro Jodorowsky and psycho-magical acts, Christophe André and the psychology of happiness, mindfulness, while nourishing her path with the knowledge of Prajnanpad, Deshimaru, Eckart Tollé, the Palo Alto school... In this constant movement, it is naturally that she becomes a specialist in change and transformation: organizational engineer and project manager, trainer, coach, therapist. Trained in NLP, transactional analysis, systemic approach, constellations, hypnosis, metaphors and other methods, on subjects such as bereavement, abuse, depression, brain and neuroscience, she has been a coach for 15 years, accredited by the international coach federation. Recently trained by Pascal Anselin in biodynamic care and therapeutic touch, her coaching is an extension of the work on intentions, serving successful transformation and healing.

Mathieu Cusin Berche

Graduated Osteopath D.O. in 2008 (European Osteopathic College), he is also a Taekwondo Federal Instructor and is involved with associations. From then on, he is inspired by the philosophy of martial arts and humanist principles to continue to develop his idea of manual therapy. He is trained by participating in numerous post-graduate internships, in order to deepen his treatment of athletes, in the psychological aspect, in neonatology, in tissue osteopathy but especially in biodynamics with Françoise Desrosiers and Pascal Anselin. Passionate about travels and the desire to combine them with osteopathy, he participates in a humanitarian mission in India with the OEDM (Osteopaths and Children of the World) association in orphanages of the Mother Theresa Institute; he also works in New Caledonia, Vietnam and Cambodia. He creates a forum to share the projects of traveling osteopaths. He is dedicated to Yoga and acroyoga. His encounter with Pascal Anselin in 2016 enabled him to develop his humanistic point of view on healing, and to bring his knowledge and skills to Pascal's project.

Bruno Martin-Peridier

 Doctor, osteopath, micro-nutritionist; trained in brief therapies, hypnosis and EMDR. Writer, lecturer, his personal background led him to be trained in Tantric practices during a training course followed by Sudheer Roche. Passionate for many years about modified states of consciousness and indigenous medicines, he discovered shamanism 20 years ago through the teaching of Amazonian plants, first in Europe and then during a stay with the Shipibo Indians in Peru. He deepened his knowledge of drumming care with Toumai (Arawak Indian) for two years. In 2018, he left for Gabon to learn the ritual of bwiti and iboga. His approach aims to connect psychocorporal care to the world of the invisible in accordance with our Western vision.

Philippe Agaël

Driven by the search for a proper understanding of the balance between body, mind and consciousness, Philippe explores this relationship first through dance, then martial arts, Tai chi chuan, climbing, while pursuing a scenic career for over 30 years.

He discovered yoga in 2011 and has been intensifying his practice for the past three years by following Patrick Frapeau's teaching. He met Biodynamic Osteopathy with Pascal Anselin ten years ago, as a patient. Practitioner in wellness massage after several years of training, mainly with Renato Pappalardo, he cultivates the notions of presence, rootedness and perception. It is quite naturally that he follows Pascal Anselin's training. This teaching enriches his journey by shedding new light on the profound link between the body, health, energy and consciousness.
He occasionally participates in cures and training courses for physical and energy preparation.

David Cima

Sound explorer and multi-instrumentalist, he perceives music and sounds as powerful or delicate keys that open up access to the precious aspects of our being, thus revealing an unalterable space of peace and kindness and more obscure and uncomfortable aspects. Suffering from a chronic illness at the age of 25, he makes this physical constraint a master guiding him towards his inner self. David follows his intuition, which leads him to explore modified states of consciousness, particularly through holotropic breathing, shamanism and the medicines of Amazonian master plants. After a period in Peru, the therapeutic capacity of sound frequencies became obvious to him and opened new horizons in his practice and investigations. He approaches human health in a holistic way, trains in sound yoga and sound therapy, follows a course for therapists with Gregory Mutombo and accompanies intense seminars on emotional liberation and psychocorporal awareness. His quest is above all to find and sit in this place in itself, powerfully anchored and with an open heart. And from there "let yourself" work as a therapist. His encounter with Pascal and the intimate conviction of the accuracy of his approach open a field of practice where his work with sounds and music finds its place, in the service of health.

Angelo Foley

Trained at the beginning by Pascal in biodynamic care, Angelo has deepened his career as a practitioner by confronting different approaches, both energetic through Chinese medicine and reiki, and psychological by specializing in system, transgenerational analysis and NLP. Passionate about the creative act of any kind since childhood, he works every day a little more on the ability of the human being to realize himself through the expression of unresolved emotions and a deep work on the conditioning of the ego. After several experiences of personal work on the mechanisms of consciousness and emotions, he received teachings from different masters and specialists, inspired by Swami Prajnanpad, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Alan Watts, C.G Jung, Carl Rogers or Jacques Salomé, always focusing on the link between body and energy, body and psyche, inner world and outer world. Today, his driving force is to support each person in their emotional intelligence and self-realization, through individual sessions, group workshops and conferences.

Sarah Rougeau

is passionate about the dynamics of health, curious to establish the slightest link between health and the osteopathic profession.
She spent her childhood travelling and interacting with the animal world that has fascinated her since she was a child. Inspired by her native island, Reunion Island, she puts forward an interactive and unifying vision of osteopathy. 
Graduated from the ESO, she reveals her practice of osteopathy through the vision proposed by Pascal Anselin in April 2017 during one of her trainings and has since deepened it through a didactic apprenticeship at her side.
Interested in the link between mobility, health and nutrition through naturopathy, yoga and sports, she integrates notions that allow her to contribute to the balance and respect of the inner processes that regulate life.
She is interested in the quantum and informational approach of the human being integrated into the practice of biodynamic osteopathy. She is now moving into research and experimental therapy with Pascal, influenced by the work of Philippe Guillemant, Nassim Haramein, Rupert Sheldrake and others.

Julia Cima

After a twenty-year career in contemporary dance, Julia decided to interrupt her dancing activities. From the beginning, she has felt that her interest in dance goes beyond a taste for entertainment or the virtuosity and beauty of the gesture. What is essential for her is to express deep existential sensations. 

In parallel to this intense physical practice, she has always wanted to take care of bodies. Over six years of informal but intense training by Pascal Anselin, she learned the basics of biodynamic osteopathy, the fundamentals of health movements into the body, and the discrimination of sensations through the hands. This learning has been key to her awareness of the healing power in each one of us, of the mysterious relationships between body and mind, personal and transgenerational history, and the collective and individual unconscious.

Julia trained in fasciapulsology for three years at IFCC France and now practices it in the town of Die.

For the past seven years, she has been traveling to explore the world of the unconscious through various “master plants” and psycho-corporal practices. Always inhabited by dance, she proposes using it as a powerful cleansing and healing tool.