Biodynamic osteopathy, chronic and psychosomatic diseases, emotional shock desensitization

During those two classes of 4 days we’ll explain the connections between biodynamic osteopathy, Quantum physics and shamanic cultures. We will rely on neurosciences (neurology, Epigenetic, endocrinology...) but also on the current knowledge in transgenerational psychology.

A third optional three days unit will offer to small groups (6 people maximum) the opportunity to tackle a work patient <~> practitioner exploring the differents unconscious and their influences on the soma. Everyone will become empathically the other's tutor and the caretaker of the new laws authorizing healing and access to the road to the future elected by his free will. Experimentation - on oneself and on the others – is the best possible way to learn the method.

These original practices are born of more than 30 years of experimentation in consultations, of study trips and of “world medicine” practices. Having been clinically proved, they are being taught since 2013. Their characteristic is their capacity to address and treat chronical pathologies and behavior problems with a great finesse of comprehension and care.

Biodynamic osteopathy and sport training


The world of sport is still very attached to beliefs and paradigms but is beginning to open up to emerging practices. The biodynamic approach makes it possible to associate performance and mental, energy and biomechanics, flow and tissues. Biodynamic osteopathy is particularly effective in the field of sport.


I was lucky enough to be able to practice it for 20 years at the highest international level in the world of contemporary dance, tennis, football, skiing and judo. I also had the pleasure of experimenting it for the greatest Anglo-Saxon and French artists during concerts at Bercy or during their tours.


This course is intended for practitioners who want to complete their knowledge of the world of performance by adapted biodynamic osteopathic practices.


The goal of this workshop will be to give you an original tool of great listening finesse and particularly effective in the following areas:

1- Biodynamic diagnosis

2- Recovery and prevention

3- Acceleration of scarring processes

4 - Stress management

5- Mental preparation for a specific event

Cleansing workshop

Who is it for?

To all health practitioners who need to cleanse, regenerate and acquire daily tools to manage the repeated contact of polluting information.


Reconnect to the source and be as close as possible to its original state.

Learn new knowledge to be in a place of presence necessary for care, to be aware and protected from what is harmful to you during the consultation.




Workshop All healers !


Two units of 4 days (plus one 3 days optional unit)

This training is designed for any therapist or individual in search of deeper knowledge of what really is health.

We are talking about grasping it, feeling it through the tips of our fingers and allowing its emergence.

It can be viewed as part of one's general knowledge or integrated in another practice.


5-day duo retreat

Here, the therapeutic principle is, above all, not to dissociate body and mind.

This retreat is designed for those who want to cleanse themselves of past events, pollution or toxic environments, emotional traumas or transgenerational influences.

Especially formulated for people suffering from chronic or psychosomatic pathologies, chronic physical or mental illnesses, unfinished grieving, and the consequences of emotional shocks or burn-out.


For all those who feel polluted by internal conflicts.


Two patients with two therapists.


The course of retreats:

Day 1: anamnesis, diagnosis, grounding to neutral.

Day 2, 3 and 4: exploration of the unresolved issues, cleansing and treatments

Day 5: sharing and integration


All these biodynamic retreats are by appointment only


Retreat of biodynamic renewal

The goal of this retreat is to re-establish a deep connection with oneself.  


We often live in polluted and stressful environments that constantly direct our attention to the outside world, . This leaves little time and space for us to feel, welcome and take care of ourselves, of our body and our inner being.


Being deeply and genuinely connected with oneself necessarily means reconnecting with the source – in other words, with the forces of nature, these powerful allies that permeate us and enable Health to manifest its full potential.


For this, we will explain to you the main biodynamic principles and the reasons why they have such a powerful influence on health and well-being. Understanding how these work is fascinating and helps make the treatment more effective.


We will also give you the basic tools that will enable you to establish contact with the vibration of Health.


Next, we will initiate you into practices in tune with the biodynamic spirit which will allow you to cleanse yourself of the pollutions caused by noxious physical and mental environments and to re-centre and realign yourself with yourself.


We will use breathing techniques; yoga, meditation, and mindfulness walks in nature. We will do biodynamic cleansing practices, in which you will be both the carer and patient.


You can enjoy saunas, very pure spring-water bathing, local food that is healthy and adapted.

Options: biodynamic treatments, massage or cocoa ceremonies.


For more details, please contact us.



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