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Pascal Anselin

Biodynamic Osteopathy, Care Cures, Teaching, Psychosomatic illnesses,

Chronic diseases, Desensitization of emotional shocks


Pascal Anselin
Biodynamic osteopathy

Pascal Anselin has been practicing osteopathy for 30 years and Biodynamic osteopathy for 18 years.

He followed the full course of James Jealous. He also trained with Kenneth Graham, Donald Handkinson, Charles Ridley, Hugh Milne, Françoise Desrosiers, Véronique Everarts who are the supporters of osteopathic filiation in the cranial field (Andrew Taylor Still, William Garner Sutherland, Rollin Becker, etc)

He also completed B. Freeman's full training in the embryology of Erich Blechschmidt.

His desire to address chronic pathologies, the "unresolved" and psychosomatic diseases led him to try to understand the mechanisms of the disease in other ways.

His research on healing has led him to travel and study shamanic cultures.
His work over many years has enabled him to make links between biodynamic osteopathy, quantum physics, embryology, meditation and shamanism.


His teaching is the result of this research and is adaptable to osteopathy via the intelligence contained in Health.

Our specializations

The work of Pascal Anselin creates a link between psychosomatic medicine, medicine from around the world, the universe of performance and biodynamic osteopathy. He uses the biodynamic tool to access widened states of consciousness as well as physical forces linked to the laws of nature, in order to stimulate deep healing. This tool allows one to feel the exact spot where the patient is in their process, directly under their fingers. It is the fruit of observation and experience from more than 50,000 clinical cases.

Biodynamic osteopathy

Chronic and psychosomatic diseases

Emotional Shocks' Desensitization

Biodynamic osteopathy and sport training

Cleaning workshop for osteopaths and other practitioners

Therapeutic retreats

Health and healing cannot be deep unless we take the mind-body-environment entity into account.


This training with Pascal gave me the opportunity to discover a new dimension of health, combining scientific rigor and spiritual openness. It also introduced me to my personal potential as a healer. The balance between a theory taught with passion and a practice supervised with gentleness and precision makes this training an unforgettable and founding experience in my journey as a companion and human being.

R.I., All healers training


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